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Pay for everything with a click

izyPay is the platform’s only means of financial transaction. When conducting a financial transaction, either save for rent or pay for food, you credit your izyPay using your ATM through Paystack. izyPay is currently powered by Paystack and GT Bank’s GAPS.

With izyPay your cash in the bank is safer and you would now be able to make your payments with ease and also make budget. Load your izyPay with credit and get to pay for everything on our platform with your izyPay credit without your debit/credit card. Pay your rent, pay for your dry cleaning, pay for your interior decoration, just pay for everything with a click.

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You are not alone!

Enjoy izyAccess to a wide range of verified products and services, get real value for money. Pay only for verified, quality and guaranteed goods and services. Enjoy easy and safe payment with our izyPay. izyPay helps you make budget, keep history of your transactions and build a credit rating.

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