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A stress free way to manage your property

Are you tired of rent loss? How would you like to be able to verify a prospective tenants with his past relationship?
Then join Liveizy today, generate the Liveizy Apartment Identification (LAID) and get your tenants to register.
Liveizy Tenancy track record (Tetrad), allows you to do detailed verification for every prospective tenant; know the performance of thier past relationship.

You can continue relationship with existing agents

Do you currently work with a property manager? Do you enjoy their services and would like to retain them?
Liveizy allows you to keep your property manager(s).
We have the most transparent and innovative method of real time reporting that keeps you properly informed about your properties listed on our platform.

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We manage both vacant & occupied property

If you already have tenants in your property, your property is qualified to join our platform now. Register and complete the onboarding process.
Our Liveizy management packages boast of the best integrity and transparent system, reducing the hassle and loss that comes with property management.

Steps to Join:

  1. Click here to Register now
  2. Then go to your email to verify your email
  3. Login with your details
  4. complete the settings form and submit
  5. start Adding your property

If you have an existing property manager, get his Liveizy ID (LID) and invite him. Begin to enjoy the easy Life.

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