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Live your best life by joining liveizy community

Do more with little on the Liveizy community, make bulk deals with your community and cut your living cost by minimum 30%.

Join a community by becoming a tenant on Liveizy today. Get your property manager or property owner to verify your apartment/property on the Liveizy platform. It's totally free to join.

Imagine if you can verify the problem or challenges with a property before you agree to rent it. The liveizy community allows members make comments and rate the apartment they stay in and their management. Never get stuck in a problematic apartment again.

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Do much more!

With our izyAccess initiative we connect you with various opportunities at your convenience with just a click. Our strategy is to making living easy by reducing cost, increasing access and improving your standard of living. Imagine a platform where you can do much more, at your convenience, with a very good deal

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